The first
and field monitoring digital service

About us

Majikan is a company backed by Nova Veolia, a developer of innovative services with a strong digital component.

Majikan capitalises on the expertise and know-how developed by Veolia for managing and scheduling the field service calls of its 6000 field technicians throughout France.

What we do differently

A major player in the field service management arena, Majikan provides a disruptive approach combining service and technology.

The premier digital planning and multi-business service call tracking service, Majikan provides its customers with the scheduling teams and digital services and tools needed for optimising the scheduling and management of their service call routes.

A comprehensive range of services

Partnering with authorities, social landlords, industrial and tertiary companies to deliver operational efficiency, Majikan offers a range that improves the day-to-day work of field service call teams:

100% SaaS solutions

for end-to-end management of field service calls and services

24/7 support

for your teams in managing technical and administrative requests


outsourced management service for planning your field service calls

Our operational teams

Majikan boasts more than 80 planning and scheduling specialists spanning the fields of transport and logistics, telecommunications, IT, water and sanitation services and facility management.

Our experienced multi-business team enhances the efficiency of every service call request for our customers, local authorities, social landlords, industrial and tertiary companies.

Using a geographical information system and an innovative route planning and optimisation solution, our schedulers deploy the right service agent, at the right place, at the right time.

A vision and values

Our day-to-day actions are guided and inspired by strong values, making us the company that sets the standard in Europe for field service call management, recognised for the quality and innovation of its services and solutions.

Service excellence

keeping our promises come what may, providing sustained and transparent service quality while continuously adapting to the customer context

Customer commitment

mobilising our teams and digital resources with the aim of locking in a process of continuous service improvement and the customer benefits that go with it


identify, develop and implement new digital and communications solutions that will enable our customers to remain one step ahead of the competition

Team spirit

put our joint long-term success before our ego and personal interests


start small, not big, test and learn, focus on simplicity and prioritise results over processes

Key figures

Subsidiary of the Veolia group
Schedulers based in France
11 Million
Service calls scheduled annually
Up to 30%
Productivity improvement with the Majikan solution

Customer benefits

your field service agent efficiency
your service quality
your operating costs
with your stakeholders