Intelligent video surveillance Automatic detection of abnormal events and report management


Assistance to video surveillance devices and technical services, enabling automatic identification of an incident in the public space. Artificial intelligence technologies warn you in real-time of identified alerts, enabling you to deploy the correct agent using our digital call-out management platform.

Majik’ connection

The innovative solution for managing daily incidents within a territory or in an industrial environment

Installed on an existing video surveillance device, the Majik'Connection solution enables the automatic and instantaneous identification of different types of incident with the potential to disrupt public order as it affects your territory and members of the public, or the security of your industrial sites.

Using artificial intelligence, the solution analyses the video data streams in real-time to identify abnormal situations. Should there be anything untoward, it automatically triggers a qualified report describing the type of incident, accompanied by a video sequence taken at the time of the incident enabling immediate verification.

The reports are then centralised, processed and tracked by operators on the Majik’Cloud platform, the report management and field call-out portal. The operators can also plan and transmit dematerialised call-out orders in real-time to the relevant field agents who will receive them instantly on the Majik’Mobile application.

Detection features and scenarios

Upholding public order

Majik'Connection enables your video surveillance system to detect ongoing incidents in real-time:

  • Fly tipping
  • Parking of scooters on the road
  • Spontaneous gatherings of individuals
  • Intrusion into a predefined perimeter
  • Identification of abandoned packages or objects
  • Illegal operation of fire hydrants

In addition to these use cases, our teams can help you build scenarios for detecting specific incidents tailored to your requirements.

How does it work ?

From detecting an abnormal situation to generating an activity report
Video stream analysis
using artificial intelligence
of an alert
based on detection criteria
Immediate verification
by an operator via a management portal
of a team
with the required skills and authority, that is available and in the vicinity
of field data
in real-time via a mobile application
personalised and automated

Customer advantages

crisis situations while improving public efficacy
your operators’ and technical agents’ daily work
the deployment of agents in the field and compensate for staff shortages
incident management responsiveness and efficiency

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