Subcontractor management portal Centralised management of multi-technical service providers


A web platform that enables you to dematerialise and simplify the management of your multi-technical service providers and their call-outs. It enables you to generate and track the tasks assigned to your service providers while maintaining control over the quality of their work and adherence to deadlines.

Majik’ cloud

The portal for principals

The Majik'Cloud web portal lets principals centralise the creation, dematerialised transmission and tracking of call-out vouchers for all their service providers irrespective of their trade. The portal also enables the status of subcontracted call-outs to be monitored throughout and to access maintenance activity reports at each site or infrastructure facility (by subcontractor and callout type).

Majik’ presta

The portal for multi-technical service providers

Ergonomic and easy-to-use, the Majik'Presta web portal enables each service provider to receive and accept call-outs issued by a principal. Call-out status updates enable the principal to track his request’s fulfilment status instantly. When the call-out is closed, Majik’Presta enables its users to capture a fully dematerialised report to which the principal has immediate access.

Customer advantages

the management of service providers and subcontractors
the monitoring of subcontracted services
your subcontracted work processes for greater efficiency
your service quality by improving service provider reliability

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