Planning, telephone call and change management service

Support services range

Entrust Majikan with managing your customer calls, your planning and out of hours service requests during your peak activity and surge periods to ensure uninterrupted, optimal quality service.

Scheduling management

A bespoke service, available 24/7, for total or partial management of service call request flows

Managing activity peaks

Beef up your service call scheduling system in peak activity periods for specific times slots, specific days, or permanently.

Surge management

Ensure that your scheduling services are uninterrupted during surge periods (closed hours and days)

Call center

An inbound or outbound call management center specialised in technical field service calls .

Managing out of hours service requests

Accepting requests outside opening hours and days :

  • Receiving and classifying calls;
  • Scheduling a service call, if so required.

Administrative management

  • Receiving phone calls and assessing administrative and technical requests;
  • Initiating the procedures associated with the various requests (Urgent Work Notification, Notification of Intention to Commence Work ...);
  • Tracking requests and procedures and producing a comprehensive reporting suite.

Appointment booking

Undertaking outbound call campaigns depending on your projects :

  • Calling end users to schedule technical service calls;
  • Comprehensive and customisable reporting (Excel, flat file, cartographic...) on proposed appointments.

Change management

Expert assessment to support you with your project put in place new service call management processes and solutions.

Change implementation

Assistance with managing change precipitated by the setting-up of service call management processes and solutions.

Training & skills transfer

Training in mastering the planning and mobility tools and in scheduling risk-based best practice.

Measurement culture

  • Support with setting up a system of performance measurement indicators based on customer data.
  • Recommended corrective actions to improve the process and customer satisfaction.


Superior flexibility through services tailored to your operational requirements

Service continuity maintained during surge periods

Cost control by rationalizing personnel and structural expenditure

Rapid mastery of newly established processes and solutions

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