The last generation of cloud computing and mobility technologies


A virtuous circle to enhance the process of field work management based on a software platform thats covers the whole area of field service management.

Technological platform

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Territorial sectoring

  • Cartographic display of territorial segmentation
  • Automatic and manual sectoring based on different criteria
  • Analysis of sectoring by means of key performance indicators

Workload plan optimisation

  • Simulation of work load and service callout capacity
  • Automatic production of optimised workload plans with a one year time horizon
  • Monitoring and comparison of forecast and actual work load and capacity

Appointment booking portal

  • Appointment booking by type of callout
  • Real-time proposal of optimised timeslots
  • Confirmation of the appointment by e-mail / sms to the customer

Fault reporting mobile application

  • Creating events: an opinion, an alert or a compliment
  • Qualification of the report according to different categories
  • Geolocation of the reported events
  • Text or voice description of the report and photo

Service provider and subcontractor management portal

  • Issuing, allocation and monitoring of subcontracted callout requests
  • Reporting on service callout requests
  • Service provider scoring and monitoring

Operational planning and route optimisation

  • Management of customer and company constraints
  • Access to 3 modules : call out menu, cartography and agent schedule
  • Manual planning of scheduled appointments or emergencies in drag and drop mode
  • Organisation of an individual or team schedule
  • Planning and automatic optimisation of service callout routes
  • Cartographic display of service callout locations and routes
  • Sending of an e-mail / sms to the customer confirming the appointment

Mobile fulfilment

  • Receiving and viewing the route map and non-paper-based routes
  • Daily, weekly or monthly view of the schedule
  • Viewing and monitoring the routes on a cartographic background
  • Geolocation of the mobile device
  • Configurable workflow for service callout processing
  • Inputting of service callout reports and automatic time capture
  • Checking the activity overview
  • Creating service callout requests and callout reports in declaratory mode

Reporting and managing activity

  • Real-time monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Creating and assigning service callout orders
  • Monitoring field service agents’ schedule and activity
  • Checking the schedule in Gantt mode
  • Managing requests uploaded by agents from the field
  • Cartographic reporting module
  • Data display and analysis decision-making tool

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