Industrial and tertiary sectors Digitalising field call-out maintenance and management processes to increase productivity and rationalise costs


Digitalisation enables you to improve the organisation of maintenance services for buildings, infrastructure, and technical equipment and installations. Furthermore, Field service management solutions enable you to improve operational performance and to cope with service quality, productivity and profitability challenges.

Improving economic performance

Rationaliser les coûts de maintenance Rationalising preventive and curative maintenance costs

Ensuring service continuity for maintained infrastructure

Improving service call team productivity and efficiency

Improving the customer experience

Being responsive in managing customer or user requests

Anticipating internal and external customer expectations and needs

Improving the comfort, convenience and safety of customers or users

Managing operational performance

Optimising call-out planning and tracking

Coordinating and controlling field operations

Gathering, processing and analysing field data in real-time

Customer advantages


  • Increased productivity with the same number of staff
  • Lower operating and travel costs
  • Compliance with contractual and regulatory commitments
  • Improved service quality


  • Intelligent planning of call-out rounds
  • Real-time activity tracking and management aid
  • Tracking team performance
  • Decision-support and continuous improvement

Service agent

  • Simplification and automation of administrative tasks
  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced service agent efficacy