Local authorities Become involved in the intelligent territory space to improve the performance of public services and citizens’ satisfaction


Local authorities are keen to incorporate digital technologies to provide their inhabitants with useful and innovative services. Deploying them enables an efficient response to citizens’ expectations of transparency, greater simplicity and accessibility to public services. The shift towards digitalisation also enables better management of urban services, greater public satisfaction, thus making them more attractive, while enabling budgetary rationalisation for greater competitiveness.

Improving the quality of public service

Modernising the local authorities’ digital service offering

Prompt handling of customer requests

Putting the citizen at the heart of communication

Improving the community relationship with citizens

Rethinking the relationship with citizens to enhance public action

Reducing operating costs

Identifying cost rationalisation levers

Making the organisation more coherent and efficient

Coping with lower headcount

Compensating for the non-replacement of thousands of local government officers

Anticipating workloads for greater independence and flexibility

Customer advantages


  • Help improve the public space
  • Simplify reporting procedures
  • Track request status

Local authorities

  • Modernise the speed of service delivery to users
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve public satisfaction

Service manager

  • Real-time management of urban services
  • Complete traceability of activity for better anticipation
  • Enhancing the efficacy of technical services

Field service agents

  • Agents’ work is made easier
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater independence and flexibility