Local Authorities

Improve citizen satisfaction... and promote public action


As main contributors of the local socio-economic development, local authorities’ missions are to provide local public services. These missions have to meet citizen changing needs in a context where financial endowment fund is getting down. Improving citizen satisfaction, maintaining the social link and managing public expenditure are the main challenges they face up.

Improve public service quality

To be reactive in considering and processing citizen cases

Develop a digital public service that meets the challenge of smart cities

Put the citizen at the heart of communication

Improve community relationship

Interact with citizen to promote public action

Reduce operational costs

Identify levers for cost optimization

Increase organizational efficiency



Involvement in the local democratic life

Follow-up on claims processing

Technical service scheduling made easier

Local Authorities

Improve the quality of public service

Cut the running costs

Oversee the real-time activity

A better overview and tracking of operations

Field Staff

Give more responsability and highlight stakeholders

Optimising mobility

Time saving and efficiences

Digitizing intervention reports